Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just finished a few articles this week!

This past week has been crazy! I write on Squidoo which is usually lots of fun and pretty easy.  Last week they changed  a lot of features- while these changes are great, I am not exactly queen of the internet.  I spent a few hours yesterday panicking about Facebook, I have a user account and 2 pages under it (although I meant to have one) but I have NO idea how to mingle the user account with the page- I can advertie the page but my friends can't see it.  And there are also Twitter, Digg and Amplify.

Any way, I did not get as much writing done as usual because I was pre-occupied with trying to understand social networking!

My recent topics included the Mozart effect  and how it's benefits to spatial reasoning (although short lived) may prove beneficial in aiding children with Autism problem solving during therapies.  Hopefully the solutions to the problems solved will stick with the child and give them some information to build from in future problem solving endeavors!

I also wrote an article about chores and autism last week.  I felt that I should write this because it seems that a lot of the parents I speak to have given up trying to assign chores to a child with autism- some admit that they never really tried.  This article covers the benefits of chores for kids with autism as well as giving lists of developmentally organized chores and how to modify them for safety or ability.

Oral aversion is really hard to deal with, especially in the younger children.  There is help but unfortunately few parents are given the information early in the child's life and the family must endure torturous feeding times, anxiety, fighting and watch their child essentially starve for years longer than necessary.  Be sure to ask your child's doctor about getting a feeding team if your child has an oral aversion.

Well, there are three of my recent articles, I need to go learn something else about social networking.  I hope that as I get better established in those communities I will have more time to write articles and blog!

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