Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Math Games 4 Kids!

Fun Math Games 4 Kids!

Math and science are the future so it is important that our kids become better at both subjects. Children may avoid doing may homework when they don't fully understand why the problems work out the way that they do. While a math tutor is often the best solution, many families simply can't afford one which leaves the child in a vulnerable position.

It is possible to make math fun! When kids have fun doing math they tend to try harder AND the information sticks better!

Try some free online games which use graphics to demonstrate what you might not be able to express yourself or some board games for the whole family!

We play count across regularly now and Cutie just loves it!

There are so many free online games available which is wonderful because it opens up the possibility of a better education to ALL children- not just those who can afford a tutor!

This will be added to my collection of free stuff for kids!

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