Thursday, August 18, 2011

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for the whole family

Cutie has been working with me!

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for the whole family

It started as me trying to create a lens to earn a little money before christmas... he wanted to help, so then he chose one of EVERY costume available for Star Wars including a few not commonly found!

Despite the fact that the lens has now turned into his own personal shopping list (and will probably cost me more money than it makes) it was wonderful to make!

The coolest thing about this lens was that we used it for speech modelling while making it. He wants his opinion on various characters and episodes to go on record, so we have been practicing lots of speech as he dictates what he would like me to type!
We have not yet finished adding all of his thoughts as it is a very long lens, but this will likely be an ongoing project for us- especially with all of the speech benefits.

As an example of how we are using this to expand his language skills....

Mom- "What do you want to tell people about General Grievous?"
Cutie- "He bad guy ultima badder than vader"
Mom "He IS A bad guy?"
Cutie " Yeah, he IS A ULTIMA bad guy."
Mom- "do you mean, He is an ultimate bad guy?"
Cutie- " Yeah! He is an ultimate bad guy! He is Worse than Vader!"

Now, he the improvements that appear immediately are usually only retained during the activity, but with enough practice using a subject that he enjoys this much... eventually we will see some of the improvements stick! Notice at the end, the previously forgotten IS by Vader? During intense speech practice, Cutie is able to self correct, this ability disappears when the practice is over.

Hopefully within a week or two the lens will be over flowing with words from Cutie!

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