Saturday, August 6, 2011

Please, support our Troops!

Our men and women in uniform have once again found their benefits at risk because of budget cuts.  These are tough economic times and spending needs to be cut, but to take away the generous retirement plan that had been promised to the soldiers who have already served this country for over ten years is unconscionable.

While the new plan does offer something to everyone, it robs those who have already dedicated their lives to protecting our freedoms while simultaneously devaluing the long respected term "retired military".

With all of the waste that occurs within the military, why is a board of civilians being allowed to dictate that stealing the retirement of the few soldiers who make it to 20 years is the way to save money?  Why not stop requiring soldiers to hand carry 30 copies of their orders, every time they sign in to a new unit, filling out redundant paperwork that is immediately lost amidst a sea of other redundant paperwork, having every 3rd page in the 4 inch tall paper medical records saying  "this page intentionally left blank"?  After all, this is a "paperless" system.

Seriously, they need to get a team of military wives in there to show them how to live on a budget and still have everything they need.

After the near government shutdowns and threats that military members would not be getting paid, many service members feel that a sacred trust has been broken.  As much as the service members must already sacrifice, they had trusted that our government would ensure the safety and security of their families- especially when they are deployed.

Please show your support for our troops by visiting my new article Our Government is asking too much of our soldiers for more details about the retirement package and links to lawmakers.  If you do visit- why not take a moment to leave a nice message for our men and women in uniform?

Our soldiers are NOT political pawns....

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