Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day was yesterday!

So, Cutie was his adorable self!

We went to the store the other day and he chose this special edition Jedi fighter transformer hybrid thing for "DAD's" father's day present.   He decorated the wrapping paper beautifully and wrapped the present all spiffy.

Yesterday, when Dad got up, Cutie brought him the present.  My husband was great, and very excited about this wonderful gift and VERY proud of Cutie for thinking of him on FAther's day as well as actually GIVING a gift.

Not 30 seconds after the wrapping paper fell to the floor.....
"Dad, can I just show you how to play with this toy?"
My husband of course says "that would really be nice, we could play with it together!"
Cutie got into "a zone" and disappeared with the toy.  Twice I recovered it for my husband.

This morning I found the toy tucked safely under Cutie's pillow....

"I'm just keeping it safe for Dad!"

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