Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today Cutie is learning to play Baseball!

Cutie has been desperate to learn to play baseball for a while now! Today he has his chance!

He is running around outside with some friends working on throwing, catching and hitting! His friends (neurotypical) are trying to help him understand the rules as well since next year he wants to join a team at school.

When he gets done, we will take a break, then we will play a game of Count across to help prevent    
summer learning loss. 

We have been doing lots of great activities including baking cookies, playing in the sprinkler (sensory), playing catch and playing educational games!  I will post more details once I work out exactly how I am trying to organize this blog!  I am still learning how to set it up and what features are available!

If you have any questions, I am available at Squidoo and there I have 70 articles of tips, challenges and personal experiences all relating to Autism- simply leave a comment or go to my bio to send me an email.

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