Monday, June 20, 2011

I have been working very hard on my free printable visual cues!

I have been working on them for a few days now..... I have created a few for different occasions.  I have been using the public domain clipart from CLKR to create most of these ones because they have such a great variety!  If you like what I have made, please feel free to print it out.  If you would like to use it online, I do ask that you link each image back to my original page and credit "Sidther".
That link is   there are more free printable visual aids and other items there as well, I just wanted to share a few here.

Technology visual cues: help your child feel more familiar with items that surround them at home- especially those that they may learn to use as a means to communicate better or use during therapy.  Hopefully you will be modeling speech when using these cards, so these would be good for your child to learn to verbalize!

Getting dressed visual cues: help your child with their daily routine and learn what each item of their clothing is called!  I included the fedora because my son LOVES to wear one with a three piece suit! 

 Christmas visual aids: help your child know what to expect around christmas time! Bells, carolers and parties can be un nerving, so can Santa claus for some kids!  I included the kiss to help kids with severe aversions to physical contact prepare for distant relatives who may not understand not to smother them!

I feel visual cues: If your child can not express their mood, they will likely resort to tantrums to get their message across.  Visual cues can help decrease the likelihood of that while reducing their level of frustration!

So, those are my four latest, I hope that you find them to be helpful in some way!  Please feel free to leave comments or contact me if there are any events or topics that you feel I should make some visual cues or other printables for!


  1. I'm making a week view calendar of routines and activities for my boys. This is a great help Thank you!

  2. I have had trouble following a routine in the morning which reduces TV, and keeps my kido in a good mood. Thank you!