Thursday, June 16, 2011

New freebies!

Here are three new pre-screened directories I have put together for you!  All of the sites who offer "free***" (you know, with paid registration or a 5 day trial etc) have been weeded out- the sites I list are either 100% free OR clearly marked as "free registration" or in some cases if it is an amazing deal "low cost".  Also I left out all of the sites that  trigger pop ups that say they are scanning your computer etc.

While you are welcome to print off my charts or awards etc, I ask that if you use them on a website, PLEASE link back to my original page on Squidoo- each of the following images is directly above the link for it's specified page.

Worksheets : These contain fine motor and academic all sorted for you. Kids with special needs often require extra practice as their sensory and focus problems often interfere with their ability to be completely attentive at school- these are also ideal during breaks to prevent learning loss- especially beneficial for kids who suffer from regressions.

Chore charts : can be used either to help a child with autism remember to do chores, keep track of daily activities or even used as a therapy schedule.  Chore rewards that can be saved toward a larger prize are listed under "chore bucks". Free visual cues (PECS compatible) and public domain clipart  can be found at the bottom of the page.

Behavior and reward charts and visual cues : Most parents of a child with Autism use or at least try behavior and reward charts.  Before you spend $30 on one, try out these free printables and see which type works best for your family! There are lots of variables and some are extremely creative.

Don't forget the awards!  Once your child has completed chores or worksheets or improved their behavior, consider giving them an award certificate so that they may display their pride!

Some PECS compatible visual cues

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