Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of School today!

I just published a new lens on Squidoo! the first in a series of free products and printables to help manage autism symptoms and behavioral problems.  This one covers behavior charts, reward charts and visual cues.  The next one will cover schedules and chore charts, then another will cover free samples, discounts and items like the 100 day kit and free books and e books.  I am trying to get a few more out today because today is the LAST day of school!

What are we going to do all summer?  There will be as many trips to seaworld as poor old Shamu can handle, but the other days....

We are going to a few activities from the dangerous book for boys,  a bunch of really cool science experiments, schoolwork (to prevent summer loss- especially important in children with autism who experience regular severe regressions).  We will play various sports to help  Cutie expand his social ooportunities (the kids on the street play every day but they are all on real teams- until he know the rules inside out, they can't let him play as much as he would like (they are preparing for next year's tryouts etc- he is included when they are playing for fun).

We might do some yard work, painting (both home and artistic) and we will do lots of sensory activities!

Today when he gets home we will do some cool baking soda and vinegar mixing in plastic bottles with a paper bag rubber banded to the bottle -fill the bag with baking soda, the bottle with vinegar, do not tip up the bag until you are ready for the reaction! When they react, gas is released, filling the bag which eventually (if you put enough in) will pop!  We will do a few of these and some diet coke and mentos as part of our school year end celebration!

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