Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tomorrow is the last day of school!

I will have to find more and more cool activities to keep Cutie occupied over the summer!  Cutie must do school work with me at home every day- he has serious regressions about twice a year and we try very hard to keep him above age level academically so that if he loses any info, he will still be able to keep!

I home schooled him for a while as we lived in a bad area with a school that failed to comply with FAPE and IDEA- I could have easily dragged them to court and won... but really, they were the prize so we opted to homeschool- why win something you are not interested in?

Now we live in an area with a great school- in fact we bought this house for the sole purpose of getting him into that school!

Home schooling was fun and horrible at the same time...  I don't know what kids his age are supposed to know!  He had already had two years of real preschool, so at least I had a starting point!  He was non-compliant at the beginning and hand over hand was required for everything.  I was also solely responsible for his speech therapy, occupational therapy, sensory and behavior- not ONE therapist was available for the entire 18 months we lived on that base.

Any way- since school is getting out for the summer tomorrow, we will take Friday off, then we will begin a routine similar to homeschool- in which the opportunities to conduct a science experiment were actually the prize!  I have one week's worth of activities planned so far and many more to come!

I fully intend to post our activities (hopefully giving you some ideas) every week while he works on his spelling words!

In the meantime, here is my article from yesterday!

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