Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Zazzle Store

I have found that most of the Autism awareness stuff that people buy is bright and cheery, sometimes so bright and cheery and on baggy t shirts that they often are not worn which kind of defeats the purpose since you can't use it to raise awareness if you are not wearing it!  I decicded to try and create some of my own designs for autism awareness! They are being done in bold, muted, earthy and pastel colors (not all at once of course) and I am adding them to polo shirts and more form fitting clothes to increase the chances of them being worn.

Also a lot of the therapists that we know say that they wish they could wear Autism awareness stuff at work, but they are restricted to polos, scrubs, babydolls or other form fitting shirts.  I have also created some buttons for business owners to help clearly identify their establishment as non-discriminatory towards children with ASD- even during behavioral moments!

I would love some input, please visit me!!!    

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