Friday, June 24, 2011

Free printable preschool level coloring pages

Free printable preschool level coloring pages a new freebie article! I put together a list of free printable coloring pages. I screened these pages for simplicity and pop ups, registration etc. My goal is to provide links to the sites that offer skill appropriate coloring pages so that parents of kids with autism could locate them more quickly- if the child can not yet put a mark on the paper, then a coloring page containing cartoon characters and complex scenery is not appropriate.

I have created a few simple coloring pages for you to print- some are basic shapes and there is a collection of fruits- I recommend starting with the banana, then the orange, then apple, then grapes, then strawberry  as they get more complex in that order.

I will be creating another article with more complex coloring pages soon- I am still learning how to draw with my mouse....

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  1. I had this printed out as a gift to our neighbor's two young girls along with a small box or crayons. They have never seen crayons or experienced coloring pictures before. I decided to let them have some fun. :) Just wanted you to know that your drawings made two young girls very, very happy.